Private Liquidation and @shopkuzakscloset FAQs

How do I find out about upcoming sales?

Because we are working in real-time and processing 2-3 estates per week we communicate upcoming sale schedules and @shopkuzakscloset launch times in the Kuzak’s Closet @kuzakscloset instagram stories. Stories are the circles on the top of your Instagram feed, they disappear after you view them but you are able to rewatch by visiting our account profile and clicking on the logo. We post a calendar of events each Monday but we’ll warn you, sometimes we fit in an extra sale at the end of the week so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Are all of your sales online?

Yes, our private liquidation service is our exclusive service.  After closing for 4 months due to Covid-19 restrictions we simplified the service offerings based on what works best for the clients, the staff, and the shoppers.  Our private liquidation service has been our most popular service since 2017 when we launched @shopkuzakscloset.  Fun fact, it was the first estate service option that Kuzak’s Closet offered starting in 2006 in Chicago. 

Are you ever going to offer public shopping events again?

At this time we have no plans to relaunch our estate liquidation and our estate sale services.

Can I use Instagram on my computer to make a purchase or do I need to use Instagram on my cell phone?

We make all of our @shopkuzakscloset sales through instagram direct messages, and you have to be on the instagram application on a phone or tablet in order to be able to use direct messages. You cannot be on a desktop or laptop computer, and you cannot be on instagram in a web browser even if you are on a phone or tablet, it has to be the app! It should look like this on your home screen: 

Can I call or email you to make a purchase?

No, you cannot call or email to make a purchase. All communication has to be done through instagram direct messages. This is one of the ways we ensure that the process is fair and the first person that messages gets an item. Sometimes it’s only a few seconds difference between messages for the same item, so it’s very important that everyone communicates on the same platform. It is also easier for us to keep track of what items are sold and to whom. Often the Kuzak’s Closet staff member answering phones and emails in the office isn’t the same as the Kuzak’s Closet staff member responding to messages on instagram. 

How does direct message (DM) work?

When you see an item you like, the best way to get it is to send us the post through direct messages. This allows us to know exactly which item you’re interested in, and go straight through the message to edit the post and mark it as sold. To do this, click on the arrow icon next to the like and comment icons at the bottom of the post you want. Select to send it to @shopkuzakscloset (you may have to search for it the first couple of times) then add a message and send the post. 

After you’ve sent us the post that you want, you can access your direct messages through the home screen again if you need to communicate with us further or re-read any of the messages. 

This is a great link for a tutorial on how to send a DM…

Am I messaging with Amanda when I send a DM?

Not always, we all rotate who is handling the messages for each sale.  It’s quite the job with hundreds of messages coming in on each project so it’s best when a consistent person handles them from the start of the sale to the end.

What if I want to see the item in person before I decide to make a purchase?

The main goal of our private liquidation service is to empty the estate efficiently while recouping as much value as we can for the family we are working for. This means that we don’t have the flexibility to put items on hold for shoppers who aren’t sure they want to make a purchase. We understand that online shopping isn’t for everyone.

How do I pay?

We accept cash, check, and electronic payments through Zelle.

Where do I pick up?

Once you’ve confirmed a pickup time on instagram, we will send you the address of the estate and you can come pick up your item!

If I can’t pick up the item during the listed pickup time in the post can I pick it up at your office at a later date?

Because of the structure and timeline of our liquidation model, all items need to be picked up from the estate during the given time frame. We are as flexible as possible with the times we give, so if you ask for a later time it is likely outside of the time frame that we will be organizing the estate. We don’t offer pick up slots at the office or any other location besides at the original estate where the item was listed from to ensure that the items are picked up and paid for promptly and that we are staffed to assist with any loading that is needed. 

Do you take offers on the items listed?

All prices listed are firm.

Are the items listed from a new estate or from an estate you’ve already had a sale at?

We never move items from one estate to another. At the end of a project every item from that estate has been sold, or processed for donation, recycling, or trash. 

When I look at the @shopkuzakscloset items most are listed sold before I have a chance to message, how can I be notified when you are posting?

Items sell quickly so it is best to make sure you are following both @kuzakscloset and @shopkuzakscloset and have notification alerts set to let you know when new items are posted.

Do you make money on the Ads on Instagram?

No, the ads that you may see when using Instagram during one of our private liquidation sales are a benefit to Instagram only, we do not benefit from those ads. 

What happens to the items that don’t sell?

What you see is just a fraction of what happens at each estate project.  We do our best to find homes for each and every items through our online sales, donation hauling, and recycling.  Our last resort is trash and we are committed to only throwing away items that are indeed trash.

What happens if I don’t pick up?

If you fail to pick up your item(s) you will lose your opportunity to shop at future online sales. 

Will you help me load my purchase?

Yes, if you would like help loading furniture or bulky items we will bring them to your car and load you up.  We ask that you use measurements to determine if it will fit in your vehicle, if you ask “will this fit in my car” the honest answer is that we do not know what car you have. Also, bring blankets and rope/bungies if you need them.  If you are buying small items they will be placed on a table for curbside pickup.  It is your responsibility to bring boxes/wrapping for those items. 

Can I send a moving company or Lugg to pick up for me?

ABSOLUTELY! We love Lugg and shoppers take advantage of their wonderful service at each estate.  You will not need to be present at pickup, we will manage the crew and make sure your items are loaded up and safely sent to your home.  

When is your next one?

This is by far the most popular question we are asked and trust us, the next one is always just around the corner!

I have a few items at my home that I’d like to sell, can you pick them up and sell them for me?

We do not offer solutions for partial estate liquidation because we don’t have or want a secondary location to sell items out of and we do not mix estates. Our private liquidation model is based on a total liquidation, leaving the estate empty and broom swept by the end.

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9 Responses

    1. I try my best to answer questions in one place, our last post that was similar to this was published in 2019 and it was helpful but had to update with the updated service. Thank you for always cheering us on!

    1. Yes, it’s been a long time! I’m not sure those events will ever come back, there were popular with shoppers but not as effective as our private liquidations to help reach our goals.

  1. Amanda,

    According to (

    “Direct messages are available both in the app, and on the desktop website.”

    So if everything is dependent on direct messages, why doesn’t it work from desktop?

    [The BusinessInsider article is dated December 2020.]

    Would also like to hear your opinion of Instagram’s privacy record (in the context of ownership by Facebook).

    Will a “Private” account work?


    1. Hi Mike. Yes, it is a newer feature that you can send a DM on your desktop so phone or laptop/ipad work just fine. There are many of us on the team who are posting items during each sale but have one dedicated staff member who responds to messages and organizes the curbside pickup times. If you have a private account you are absolutely able to buy online, private and public doesn’t matter. Instagram is our choice venue because it allows the entire team to log in and create posts on multiple devices. It also allows for a personal platform with a “real person” messaging each buyer back, staff to post even when working from home, and multiple users to take turns responding to messages. It is perfect? No. Is there a better option at this time? No.

  2. Thanks Amanda. Sounds like you’ve thought out all the details. I’ll give it a try.

    I can understand the business side of this (particularly for the family), since it ensures that the most valuable items get the broadest visibility. But everybody is going to miss the clean-outs.


  3. Amanda,
    I really miss your present estate sales due to my ignorance of using the computer beyond emails. I am a dinosaur that just have a flip top phone! I have fond memories of your original estate sales…and merchandise. Loved your kindness and aid. Keep up your good work!. Maybe, someday, you can be of service to my estate. Keep up your good work…your staff is so helpful…great team! Jean and Yue Mar, LAH

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